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About Me

Digital Nomad & Entrepreneur

Eight years ago, I worked at a shoe store. Today, I travel the world recording online courses and editing audiovisual projects. Through all my experiences, I have gained a new life goal: to help people become digital nomads, explore the world, and achieve financial freedom through online education.

A world where we all learn to monetize what we love doing, so we can live without working. A world where we all share our talents and passions to achieve goals that transcend our ego.

To assist individuals in connecting with their inner selves, attaining inner peace, and creating a project that enables them to turn their dreams into realities, through courses, workshops, and one-on-one mentorship.

Peace, empathy, active listening, and constant transformation. I aspire to live in a world where we are less harsh in judging others without knowing their story and less hard on ourselves if we don't meet our own expectations.

The Happiness algorithm


Happiness = Your perception of reality - Your expectations

This means that happiness doesn't depend on reality itself, but on how you perceive your reality and your own expectations. Consequently, to achieve greater happiness, there are two paths: lowering your expectations or increasing your reality. Both are necessary, but I want to help you with the latter. 

My Services

How may I help you?

Through these services, I aim to improve the reality of those around me.

Audiovisual Production

Over the course of 8 years, I have worked on over 500 videos, delivering high-quality content to more than 35 companies in 8 countries. If you need to create a video of any kind, then this is for you!

Coaching for new entrepreneurs

Having embarked on over 5 projects myself, I have learned a great deal from my failures. Today, I possess the tools, knowledge, and experience to guide individuals who are considering starting a digital business from scratch.

Workshop Tour - Coming soon

In 2024 I will be teaching some of my skills in different workshops (Coming soon) 

Online Courses

I am currently in the production phase of various online courses on digital skills and ways to become a digital nomad. Simultaneously, I am assisting individuals who want to launch their first online course. If you want to create a passive income stream while positioning yourself as an authority in your niche, then this is for you!

Some Projects I've been working on

My entrepreneurial ventures

If there's one thing that characterizes me, it's that I'm always reinventing myself. Learning new tools, facing new challenges, overcoming unexpected obstacles. Ultimately, everything I do revolves around my greater purpose in life: Helping people unleash their talents.

Founder & CEO


AvantPixels is an audiovisual production company focused on creating high-quality content.

In progress.

Spark AI

Spark is an AI-based company builder. It is currently under development.

In progress

Digital Nomad School

I am in the process of launching an academy for digital nomads.

Web Designer
Drone Pilot

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle applies to both companies and individuals. It is the root of your deepest purpose. Learning Simon Sinek's Golden Circle tool is crucial before embarking on any new project or venture. Without doing this groundwork beforehand, we risk abandoning it when things get tough and the initial motivation fades away. Working with this tool from day one and in various aspects of your life can have a powerful impact on everything you do. 

100 days around the world as a digital nomad.

Some places I have visited

In 2022, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of traveling the world while working remotely. In total, I visited:
  • 10 countries (8 languages)
  • 32 cities
  • +50 museums
In terms of kilometers traveled,
  • 743 KM by foot
  • 6 airplanes
  •  11 ferries
  • 12 buses
  • 16 trains
Traveling so much has opened my mind and allowed me to understand humanity in a different way. I have gained a deep understanding of our history, where we come from, and where we are heading.  


Some thoughts

Recently, I was interviewed by Blanca Ramírez from Ecuador, and we had a very engaging conversation. During the interview, I shared anecdotes, experiences, and reflections about my 100-day journey. Summarizing some valuable points from the conversation:

What can I do for you?

One on One Coaching

No matter where you are right now, let me discover your deepest dreams. Together, we can create a strategic plan to turn those dreams into a tangible reality. Don't settle for ordinary goals; let's raise your aspirations and make them the standards of your life!

Golden Circle Mentorship

To find your purpose and start a new venture

6 weeks

A weekly meeting

Nomad Mentorship

To become a digital nomad, regardless of your level of comfort with technology

6 weeks

A weekly meeting

Create your online course

I can assist you with filming, editing, and marketing your new online course.


Variable depending on the complexity of the project.

I have developed a method that acts as a GPS to guide anyone from where they are today to the point where they can achieve financial freedom and fulfillment with a project. Of course, the method is not linear, and often requires working on multiple areas simultaneously, but by focusing on these 6 areas, you can become unstoppable. 

1. Inner Peace
If you're not at peace with your life, you won't be able to create anything new or achieve your goals.
2. Discover your purpose
Discover what you're passionate about. Dare to dream again.
3. Develop healthy habits
If you want to go from point A (where you are today) to point B, but you don't take care of your eating and sleeping habits, you won't get anywhere.
4. Make peace with your finances
It's important to be aware of your own economic thermostat before you can change it.
5. Learn business tools and skills
It's important to study certain aspects of the entrepreneurial world in order to bring our ideas into reality.
6. Learn digital tools and skills
While this section is the easiest to outsource, it's important to learn some digital tools to become more self-reliant in our early stages.