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Aplicando tres grandes pasiones: Producción audiovisual, compartir nuestro conocimiento y libertad financiera, es que descubrí un gran llamado a ayudar a las personas a tener su primer curso online. Te ayudaré con lo siguiente:

Course design

Creating an effective and well-structured online course requires careful design that maximizes student learning. In this area, I can assist you with course design by helping you create modules and lessons, organizing information in a logical and coherent manner. We will work together to identify learning objectives and develop strategies to effectively communicate relevant information. Additionally, I will guide you in selecting best pedagogical practices to ensure that the content is easily understandable and engaging for your students.

Video Production

The audiovisual quality of your online course is a crucial factor in delivering your knowledge in a professional and captivating manner. I provide my experience and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to ensure that the filming of your course is of the highest quality. We will work together on a carefully planned shooting day, capturing every important detail and ensuring that the content looks and sounds impeccable. The result will be visually appealing material that keeps your students engaged throughout the course.


The editing of your online course is a crucial step to ensure a seamless and immersive learning experience. Using advanced editing techniques, I will optimize your content to effectively tell the story and keep your students engaged. I will work on color correction, pacing adjustments, removal of errors or unnecessary pauses, and add visual and graphic elements that complement your teaching. The final result will be a well-polished and high-quality course that reflects your professionalism and expertise.

Sales Platform & Payment Gateways

Once your course is ready, I can also assist you in setting up an effective sales platform. I will handle uploading and configuring your course on a reputable sales platform, creating an attractive and persuasive landing page that promotes your course and captures the attention of potential students. Additionally, I will set up payment gateways so that your students can make secure and seamless transactions. This way, you can focus on sharing your knowledge while I take care of the entire sales process.

Together, we will create a successful and professional online course!

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